♥ I fell in love with photography at a young age, and have since been unable to put the camera down. As an artist, I am captivated, intrigued, and continuously awed by the beauty, magic, and wonder of life around me, and I embrace every opportunity to capture this beauty through my lens so that others can see what I see. I use the camera intimately, but not obtrusively. When photographing people and events, I am enthusiastic, friendly, and outgoing, and I attempt to put everyone at ease in order to reveal unique personalities and genuine moments, so that even formally posed portraits can appear natural. I strive to capture the magnificence that I see, so that magical moments can be preserved and shared with others for years to come.

I prefer to shoot in a photojournalistic style, blending into the background in order to catch spontaneous, unplanned moments as they unfold naturally. Rather than planning my shots, I allow myself to be found within them as they occur. Technical expertise, interpersonal sensitivity, and artistic creativity allow me to forever freeze precious moments that portray honest expressions and emotions as well as the overall ambiance of the occasion.

With a passion for photography and creative expression as well as a slightly off-kilter eye for detail and compelling imagery, I find myself on an obsessive continual search for the elusive perfect shot.

**PLEASE NOTE** My website is still a work in progress. But for more information and to see more of my portfolio please contact me(at)nyoka.ca or look me up on facebook. "Nyoka's Art" is also on facebook, and "Nyoka's Photography" will be coming soon! Much love and thanks ♥